April 7, 2010

celebrating jackson

This past weekend was Jackson's two year birthday party. I still can't believe my baby is 2?! Crazy!!! Since he isn't into any tv shows or characters, we went with a generic "jungle animal" theme. The monkey sound was one of the first animal sounds he learned so I thought that was appropriate. =) Here are a just a "few" of the pictures we got. I'm blessed with a great best friend who doesn't mind being my photographer for my kid's birthdays so I get to actually be involved in the party instead of being behind a camera. Thank you, Lelia!!!

Yours truly made the banner. I was pretty proud - just don't look too closely at it. =)

Birthday Boy was FAR more interested in the balloons than the people, presents or cake at his party. He just kept saying "Ball!" over and over. It was pretty cute. =)
He didn't care anything about the presents. Big Brother had to help him out.
Birthday Boy loves bubbles!!
Ah, the cake. There wasn't a cake at Wal Mart or Publix that would work with his theme so we made our own. This was my first time to ever make a birthday cake and I must say I was pretty proud. The instructions for it came from Parenting.com. {Disclaimer: Several days before the party, I made a fake cake - as Dylan called it - to make sure I could do it right. That cake turned out great and was immediately recognizable as a monkey. Come party day, I was too anxious and couldn't get my hands steady enough so my husband actually decorated this cake. Comes in handy having a painter for a husband. =)}
The "cohorts in crime" checking out the goods. These two are going to give us a run for our money this summer!
If you're still reading this and you're a scrapbooker in the B'ham area, I'm teaching a class this Saturday at The Scrapbook Princess. We're going to make a layout about our faith and work on journaling from the heart. I know a lot of scrappers struggle with heartfelt journaling so come to the class and I'll help you out. =) Paulette has posted a great challenge for April, too. Go check it out!!


Cheryl Nelson said...

Oh what a cutie!!! I can't believe these babies are TWO now!! Great Banner!!

mustangkayla said...

Aww...what great pictures! Pretty layout! You have such beautiful handwriting!

gottaluvboyz said...

Great photos...looks like he had a nice birthday:) The ones with the balloons I adore. They really capture a toddler! Great work, Lelia! Cool banner. I still cannot believe he is two!

Lelia said...

I love the shot of him all tangled up in the balloons! That's soooo Jackson!!!

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