April 8, 2010

he's growing up

Sigh...why do they have to grow up so darn fast?! If you read the previous two posts, my baby Jackson turned two last week. Normally, I just do my kids' pictures somewhere near my house {probably because I'm too lazy to take them anywhere.} Well, this year I've decided my kids are getting "real" photoshoots for their birthdays. Jackson and I packed up and headed over to the Botanical Gardens. Lelia tagged along to make sure my little adventurer didn't jump off a bridge or dive headfirst into the water {Fearless really should've been his middle name.} I'm soooo glad I ventured out for his pictures and so glad that Lelia agreed to come along. Not only did my baby stay safe and had a distraction from me {the Momarazzi} she got some awesome shots of me and my little man together. Honestly, the pics of me and Jackson together are my favorite. It's so rare that I'm actually in a photograph so I will treasure these forever {and ignore the crows feet, skin blemishes and awful hair!}
If you're not sick of my pictures yet, I've posted more {yes there are more!} on my photography website. Feel free to leave any advice as to which proofs to print. I can never make that decision!!


gottaluvboyz said...

These photos are just too cute:) Ahem, crow's feet, blemishes, etc...shush, girl! You look fantastic!!!!

I LOVE #46, #2, and think the storyboard you did above with the 3 vertical photos is adorable:) I like so many I cannot choose.

mustangkayla said...

Aww...what fantastic photos! He is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of your big boy!!! My fave is the one of him and Momma!!!

Lelia said...

So glad I could help! BTW, you rock at storyboards! Love them!

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