March 30, 2010

challenge, a birthday, and a class

That title's better than "randomness," right? I think I've used "randomness" about 100 times. LOL

This month's challenge at The Scrapbook Princess was to scrap about a woman we admire (it's Women's History Month.) Well I decided to FINALLY do a page about me and my best friend. We've been through a lot together and I needed to document that. Plus it's a great excuse to use the fabulous Dear Lizzy line from American Crafts. I loved the line the first time I saw it online but it's not exactly boy-friendly. =) Also, I did misting for the first time on this page and I'm hooked! It's sooo much fun!
Today is a certain someone's birthday! Jackson turns 2 today!!! I'm sooo excited for him but he's my baby so it's kinda hard to watch him get older and become even more independent. You moms out there understand. =) I haven't done his "official" birthday pics yet {it's on my "to do" list very soon} but here are a couple snapshots I've gotten recently.He just learned last week how to eat with a spoon!! We've been working on this for months so we were so proud of him for finally getting it. He's so cute! Every time he takes a bite, he looks up at you and goes, "mmmm!" That boy and his food.... =)Oops, almost forgot about the class part. I've got another "Journaling with Jenney" class coming up soon. It's next Saturday, April 10 at The Scrapbook Princess. We're going to be journaling about our faith. Appropriate for Easter, no? =) Call Paulette and sign up! Better yet, go by the store and sign up. She has LOTS of new CHA goodies in so you can shop, too. Don't buy it all though - I haven't been shopping in a couple weeks and I've got my eye on some stuff. ;-)

Happy Tuesday everyone!! {Does anyone read this anymore?}


Stephanie said...

I always read! :)

Shan Herren said...

I read you, Jenny! Hope to make it to your next class. Your photos & layout are really cute!

gottaluvboyz said...

Beautiful layout:) I still cannot believe he is two years old...means my Ryder's b-day is right around the corner. When did these boys of ours decided to get so old? Have fun at your class. I think it's awesome you are teaching. I love ''Journaling with Jenney'' appropriate!!!!

Lelia said...

Happy 2nd birthday, little guy! You're growing up way too fast!

Jenney, I forgive you for putting that horrible photo of me on your blog!

Tracy said...

Yes, I read it. Love the pics of your little boys.

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