March 13, 2010

new hobby

I needed a new hobby right? Because scrapbooking and photography aren't very time consuming at all. =)I'd been wanting a sewing machine for forever. Just spending thirty minutes on the web will leave you with countless ideas on stuff to make but I never had a sewing machine - until now. I was very generously "gifted" this machine. It's an oldie but goodie Kenmore and it'll probably outlast me {if I don't break it first.} So far I've made a coaster for my scrap area. Dylan saw it and wanted one for his room so I made him one. I've also made a pincushion but that didn't require any sewing with the machine. =)I also want to make this and this and this and this....

I've been scouring my local thrift store for cheap fabrics and pillowcases and sheets that I can use for fabrics. It's been a lot of fun. Now to actually make things. You know, in all my spare time. =)

One of the best things about having a sewing machine is that I can stitch on my layouts now! I love the end result!! {This page was done with the new Anthology line from Studio Calico - it's available at The Scrapbook Princess.}

I'm off to teach my class today at The Scrapbook Princess. Even if you aren't taking the class you should come by and visit. She has a TON of new CHA products in the store {including Dear Lizzy which I'm VERY excited about!!}

Citrus Tree Studio is having a "Go Green" crop this weekend. Check it out - it's going to be a lot of fun!

Happy Saturday!


gottaluvboyz said...

Love the new creations...enjoy your sewing machine. I need to use mine more often once life settles down. LOL

I am simply in love with that layout and see a lift in my future! Hope your class turned out wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Your pincushion is adorable!!! you did good. and crap, i didn't know you had a blog for 4 yrs!!!!! I go to the Big Saver thrift store in Roebuck by Food Giant; it's my favorite. I've got tons of scrapbook stuff I need to give you; I'm never going to use it. some of it's old old old but you may be able to use it somehow. I'll bring it by your house one day if you want it. :-)

mustangkayla said...

Cute sewing projects and layout! Congrats on the sewing machine. I'm quite addicted to mine! I wish I had time to quilt. I grew up doing 4-H and sewing clothes and numerous other projects. My last sewing project was a quilt 8 years ago! =(

Now if you want a super super easy quilt idea that you only need to sew straight lines and don't need to do a binding, check out a rag quilt...I love them!

Lelia said...

Very cute pincushion! Where's mine?

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