August 14, 2008


Thanks, everyone for the suggestions on how to keep the playroom somewhat tidy. I'm on the lookout now for some cute, boyish, indestructible bins to keep toys in. I love the picture idea for labeling them!! Of course, anything involving pictures I'm all over, right? =)

Well, tonight is Open House at Dylan's school. I've been explaining to him for several days that we would go meet his new teacher, see his new classroom and see his friends. Well, my kid isn't big on "new." He colored a picture last night for his "new" teacher and I told him he could take it to her tonight. His response - "But, Mommy, I'll be too shy!" Crazy boy!!! This poor teacher is in for it though. She has Dylan, his best girl friend, and his best boy friend all in the same class. I hope they're paying her - A LOT! We've got to spend today labeling all his school supplies. He's going to be HEARTBROKEN when he sees all that lovely "ark-ness" and he won't be able to play with it immediately. (His word for art is "ark.")

Also on the agenda today is a haircut for me. My favorite hairdresser is about to give birth and I know she'll be gone for a while on maternity leave so I wanted to snag a cut before that baby gets here. =) I must be desperate to take a 4 year old and a 4 month old with me to get my haircut. Should be interesting!! I'm trying to decide which cut to get. I always want to get a radical change when I get my hair cut but my hair doesn't always cooperate. I wish I had the chutzpah to get a cute, trendy cut like these but I just don't. LOL

I started Eclipse last night and I soooo wanted to stay up and read but my eyes just wouldn't let me. It's VERY good so far, though. Minor vent: I went to Books a Million yesterday to buy Twilight and New Moon in paperback. I just can't spend the money to splurge and get them in hardback but I do want copies of all the books so.... Well, they had Twilight but not New Moon. It was sold out! How dare they?? Grrr!! It's probably best that I spread these purchases out anyway. Hubby just doesn't quite "get" my vampire/werewolf fascination. =)

Yesterday afternoon, Dylan and I reorganized some of my scrap stuff. That's usually what I do when my inspiration level is at 0. Going through and purging/organizing my stuff always makes me want to scrap. Over at S4L, we got play with SEI stuff this month. They sent us DT members the most awesome pack of goodies to play with. This is the layout I completed with the Chick a Dee line.
We were also asked to do a "technique" layout. I chose to use "layering." Not sure if it worked or not but I love the result. =)
Jodie is having an AMAZING sale!!! The details are in the latest newsletter that went out. If you want a copy of the newsletter, let me know and I'll forward it to you. I'm talking Scenic Route at 75% off!!!! REALLY good sale!

Well, I suppose I need to go take care of my child. Sounds like he's getting into his "ark" stuff. =) Thanks for reading my rambling for today!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!!!


philippine lottery said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?You were a great blogger.

gottaluvboyz said... would look awesome w/ a short haircut like that:0 Best of luck to Dylan with the new school year!!!! Love the new LO's!

Amy Dodd said...

What grade is Dylan going into this year? We are going to Allyson's meet the teacher tonight too!
Oh, I say get the Meg Ryan look, I love that hair style! If I looked good with short hair I would get that one!

Lelia said...

Love the long blog post!

I think you should go for the new trendy look! And, maybe I'm wrong, but don't you have a friend has offered to keep your boys NUMEROUS times and who lives 1/2 a mile from the salon? Surely she could handle them for a half hour!

Great Layouts! Maybe you'll inspire me to scrap soon, and just maybe do a super cool blog post like you own. =)

Jen said...

did you get the haircut? it's super cute and I bet you would look FABULOUS! I'll be waiting for the pictures:)

Tiffany Williams said...

Ooo, you're reading the Twilight series too?! I just finished the 4th book and loved it! I'm a Jacob lover and I was afraid I'd be disappointed, but it all turned out all right. And I have a feeling she'll continue his story. Yes, Vampires and Werwolves are both awesome!

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