August 17, 2008

taking a break

Yup, I'll be taking a break but I'll get to that in a minute. =)

I got my hair cut and I'm pretty happy with it but I have no pictures of it yet. That's the problem with being the person who takes all the pictures - you're never actually in them. LOL

I've got my eye on some storage containers at Target that are on sale this week so I'm hoping to make a trip down there to pick some up and start organizing. I'm soooo in the mood to organize lately. Apparently, I "nest" after my kid is born rather than before. =)

Friday night, Lelia and I got together for a (mostly) kid-free evening of chatting and scrapping. Here's most of what I got done. I can't reveal it all yet. =)

This final layout was inpsired/lifted/copied from Stephanie Howell's blog. If you haven't found this wonderful woman's blog, then RUN over there now! It's amazing...she's amazing! Nuff said!Tomorrow is Dylan's last day of summer vacation. School starts on Tuesday for him, so tomorrow the computer will not be turned on (gasp!) and it will be a total "Dylan" day. He'll be able to do whatever he wants. Wish me luck! LOL Catch up with you guys on Tuesday!


Heather W said...

BTW I meant to tell you yesterday I like your new cut it is cute! Thanks for coming yesterday!

gottaluvboyz said...

I cannot wait to see your new 'do! I hope you and Dylan really enjoyed yourselves yesterday:) Good luck at school today Dylan!!!!

Great new LO' jealous you and Leila have eachother to scrap with.

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