August 11, 2008

randomness + help needed

I think I've used that post title way too many times but apparently I'm not feeling too creative today. LOL I just mainly wanted to post a few pictures and things that have been going on in our lives.
We're getting ready for school to start back next week. Not that I'm ready for my baby to be in K4 but I know it's going to happen whether I'm ready or not. And soccer starts back up next week, too. =)
The littlest man is still rolling over but I have yet to get any pics of it. Whenever I have my camera ready, he's always too tired to roll. LOL I'll get them eventually. He tried cereal for the first time on Saturday. He really liked it! Here's a couple pictures of him enjoying his first "real" food.
And, apparently fingers make the best after dinner snack. =)
And here are a couple of "just because" pictures from this past week...
We're watching the Olympics here (opening ceremony....WOW!!!) and I'm VERY impressed with Michael Phelps. Can someone tell me how to get my husband's stomach to look like that?? LOL
And, finally on to the help that I desperately need. This is our playroom. It is in serious need of some help. No matter how many times a week we (and by "we" I mean "I") pick up the toys, they always wind up in a big mess. Any tips on how to organize this mess and how to keep it that way?
I'll leave you with a picture of my little "Lightning McQueen obsessed" man. This is only a fraction of the Cars merchandise that we have. I seriously need to buy some stock in Disney!
BTW, I finally got a copy of New Moon to read. It's good!!! I wish I could just lock myself in a closet somewhere and read it all without interruption. LOL


Lelia said...

Sweet, sweet pictures of little man. I love that second one the most. Not just because the cereal on his eye is hilarious, but also because the lighting is just beautiful!

Good luck with the mess in the playroom! I wish I knew some great organization tips to share, but you've seen my house - I'm not the person to give advice on that subject! LOL!

Amy said...

when my DS was little i used baskets and clear containers to store most of the stuff. i then put photos of what went in each basket or container so that he could help with clean up by seeing what went in each container or basket. you just have to be sure and keep him on task when it's clean up time. :)

elizbailey said...

When you find out how to keep a playroom clean, let me know! We are battling trying to get S to learn to pick up after her self. I know it will wear you out constantly picking up after them!

Cute baby pics! I can't believe Jackson is eating cereal already!

mustangkayla said...

Adorable pictures! So glad to see that I'm not the only one that can't seem to keep the play area organized and picked up. Only problem with our play area is that its our living room too!

Virginia said...

I use the whole "randomness" as a blog title way too many times too.

I am by no means an expert at keeping the toys under control, but this is what we do:

-There are designated places in every room for toys. When they are done playing, I try to get them to go ahead and clean up before they go to a different room. It's not as structured as it sounds- it's usually me walking into a room to discover an enormous mess and yelling at them to come in there and pick up. ;)

-In each kids' room (because we don't really have a playroom), I have plastic, lidded containers for each type of toy- one for anything that's puzzle related (Mr. Potato Head, shape sorters, that tall thing with the rings, and traditional puzzles), one for dolls, one for kitchen toys, one for trains & things with wheels, etc. For the bigger things, I have a big tub that they go into- one for dinos, one for train tracks and buildings, a stacking one for dress up clothes, etc. I try to guide them to play with one thing at a time, but of course, that doesn't always happen.
I do make them clean up every night- even if they don't do it all, it's getting them into a routine of helping clean up before bedtime.

I think it truly helps that everything has a "place," and that the things that have smaller parts have lids on them that they have to come get me to help them to take off, so I can monitor that more.

I hope this helps! I bet simple mom (link on my blog today) has some solutions for this too.

Megan said...

I agree with long as every type of toy has its place, it's more likely to get put back in it's place. We use a toy bin organizer from Target. They don't have lids, but they are easy to see what belongs in them...blocks, cars, books, etc. Also, I found that if I made a little reading "nook" in the room, then the books were more likely to stay there. Instead of being spread all over the house. Good luck.

YOur little ones are adorable as usual! Can't wait to see pictures of Mr. Dylan playing soccer!

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