August 22, 2008


Life is a bit overwhelming right now. Feels like there's way too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it in, kwim? It always works out but it's a tad stressful getting to "that" point. Lists always help me so here's my list of things I need to do:
- organize, edit, upload, and print photos
- work on photography blog (it's looking rough right now!)
- clean my house *ugh!!!
- laundry *DONE
- finish reading "Eclipse" *DONE
- pick up all the piles of toys in the playroom (I had them all sorted into categories so that I knew how many bins I'd need at Target. Well, when I got to the store to buy said bins they weren't what I wanted.)
- hang up all the pictures and decorative art that I've bought recently to make my house look a little more lived in
- go through both boys' dressers and put away clothes they've outgrown *DONE
- find a bookcase for my den
- install wire hanging basket in my scrap area
- figure out what I'm going to fix for dinner tonight *DONE
- catch up on the Olympics (I'm about 3 days behind)
- catch up on Google Reader (I'm about 200 posts behind - eek!) *DONE

I'm sure there are several more things I need to add to that last but it'll do for now. =)

And so this post won't be totally boring here are a few pics of the boys. Dylan started school this week and he actually loves it. He just didn't like doing the "back to school" pictures. LOL
Here's a much happier picture of him playing at the park.
And, of course some pictures of the little dude. He's teething right now he's not the happiest baby on the planet. =(


Anonymous said...

Too sweet! Jackson is losing his hair just like Emory did. Don't you just want to glue it back on? : ) He's so cute! and I love the school pics of Dylan.

gottaluvboyz said...

How cute! Ryder is losing his hair as well...he has a big bald spot on the back of his head. Looks so silly!

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