March 7, 2009

HUGE sale and 11 month facts

How's that for a strange title to a blog post? LOL

Before I get to posting Jackson's stats for 11 months (yes, my baby is 11 months old! wah!!!) I wanted to direct any scrappy friends to Scrap4Life. The entire store (except for kits and gift certificates) is on sale for 60% off - yes, 60% OFF!!! The sale only lasts until March 15 and stuff is going fast so get over there ASAP! The discount code is march09.

Ok, onto Jackson. He didn't officially have an 11 month birthday since his birthday is on the 30th. Why didn't that ever occur to me before? What do the people who's baby is born on the 31st do? Anyway, here are some of his 11 month stats:
- unofficially weighs 21 lbs.
- is pulling up on anything and everything
- cruising around his bed and his playpen
- chases (crawling) after his brother like there's no tomorrow (this is usually when Dylan has a toy that he wants)
- his favorite foods are baby cereal, pureed bananas, cheerios, and Chick Fil A biscuits
- loves bathtime with big brother; splashing is his favorite activity there
- gets soooo excited when we walk down the steps to get into the car (he jumps up and down and laughs - soooo cute!)
- is about to switch to his big boy car seat (I know he's not a year old yet but his head is up over the top of his baby seat - it's time, people!)
- loves to just play on the floor in his room by himself (he will do this for an hour if you let him)
- enjoys emptying the diaper basket during naptime (it's since been moved far from his reach, the little stinker!)
- his favorite video right now is Baby Galileo
- he hates putting on bibs or having the buttons on his shirts fastened (must be something about his neck being messed with?)
- has very sensitive skin and gets diaper rash easily (poor baby!)
- has his giraffe and a blanket at naptime

I'm sure there's more I could write but that's it for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and enjoy the beautiful weather if you're in the South!


Lelia said...

I can't wait to see him in his big boy seat! You'll have to let me know how he reacts the first time.

gottaluvboyz said...

I cannot believe he is 11 months old...time has just flown by! Love this month's fun:)

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