March 10, 2009

great friends think alike

Ok, so I've been a little behind on checking blogs lately. Sorry, girls! Apparently, Elizabeth and Virginia both tagged me. You have to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder of your pictures. Well, I'm a fairly new computer so I don't have 6 picture folders so this was the 6th picture in my 2009 folder.=)No, I don't normally go around taking pictures of the newspaper. This picture was taken for my "picture of the day" back on Jan.2nd or 3rd. My husband went to the game so I wanted to have a picture of the results (which weren't pretty!) for our 365 album. Is anyone else still doing this project? I'm doing it but I've accepted the fact that I will not a picture for each day of the year. It's just too much to remember to bring my camera everywhere I go. My friend, Kelly, is doing an awesome job with this challenge!!! She's such an inspiration!


Angela said...

Yeah, I have to agree that the picture you posted isn't pretty. LOL

Good luck with the 365 challenge.....Lots of dedication to follow through with it.

Have fun!!!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Thanks, Jenney! BTW...I finally got my 365 kit yesterday (I was one of the ones who had a kit on pre-order). Overall, I'm pretty happy w/ the kit and it's quality. I had quite a bit of fun last night putting it together/getting it ready for pictures and journaling.

KariAnnS said...

I hadn't actually been to your blog outside bloglines in awhile. I love your new design and colors. So spring like!!

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