December 18, 2008


This was a fun year to see Santa. Dylan was super excited (even had his list ready) and Jackson was too young to be scared. =) And to top it off, Dylan's BFF was there which made it even better!
Sadly, this is the best picture I got. The lighting was horrible and there wasn't much space to frame my shot. The disadvantages to being a photographer - you overthink these things. LOL

See what I get to work with? A year old who covers his face and a 8 month old who looks away. Thank goodness for an awesome Santa!
A picture of Dylan and Emma together - WOW!!!
And finally, the letter to Santa!! So cute! He wrote the whole thing and I helped him spell the words. =)


Lelia said...

That second picture really cracks me up!

gottaluvboyz said...

Oh how cute!!!! Dylan's letter is fantastic:) FYI...LOVE that photo of the four of you on MW!!!!

KariAnnS said...

This is great!! I love the letter. Too precious!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Looks like you got a great photo, and I love the list. =)

Angela said...

This is just the sweetest letter....I know you'll save it forever. Christmas is so fun with the kiddos truly believe. My oldest knows the truth know and she's trying to convince everyone that there is no Santa. We had to have the "Keep your frickin' mouth SHUT" conversation yesterday.

Anywho, these Santa pics are soooo stinkin cute.

Tell the boys that I said, MERRY CHRISTMAS

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