December 17, 2008

8.5 months + other stuff

I totally missed Jack's 8 month post. =( Photography stuff and Christmas craziness just got in the way. Poor little guy! At any rate, here's some info on the little dude at 8.5 months:

- finally sitting up on his own (yay!!!) for a few minutes
- grabs everything in sight (hair, noses, butter, drinks, utensils, hair, toys, books, Lion, hair,...)
- got his first "bigtime" haircut - Mommy wasn't home for that and was VERY unhappy when she came home and found her child almost bald!
- rolls over all over the place and just smiles when he bumps his head on the carpet
- loves his exersaucer
- gets up on his hands and knees, takes one "crawl" forward and then crashes to the floor
- has this weird sitting/laying position he gets in
- takes 3 bottles a day (7 oz. each with cereal) plus some baby food at lunchtime or dinnertime
- HATES 3rd foods but we've found if we mix some 2nd foods in with it he'll lap it up!
- had mashed potatoes and sweet potatoe casserole for his first Thanksgiving dinner
- takes a morning nap (most days) and an afternoon nap
- sleeps from 6:45 at night till 6:45 in the morning
- loves bathtime
- thinks big brother is just the funniest thing ever and loves to watch him and Daddy throw airplanes around the house (which Mommy put a stop to last night because an ornament almost got broken!)
- saw Santa for the first time and could've cared less LOL
- not interested in the Christmas tree or presents (thank goodness!)
- perfectly happy to be left alone in his room on the floor playing with his toys (until he crawls over to the springy doorstop and scares the crap out of himself!)
- hates shopping (I think his Daddy and big brother taught him that!)
- has 8 teeth (yes, 8 - that's not normal is it?)
- sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time (at Chic Fil A)
- hates getting dressed or undressed but loves getting his diaper changed (little stinker!)
- is the most beautiful, sweet baby in the world!

Sorry for the novel there. Guess I need to update more often, huh? =) And now for the pictures so you can see just how beautiful this kid is.
Note the weird laying/sitting position he's in. This isn't mid-roll, this is how he "lays" for several minutes. LOL
And a couple pics of my big baby. This is how we find him most days - thumb in mouth with Lion close by. Apparently, the holidays and Mommy working are pretty stressful to a spoiled 4 year old. LOL
I just happened to snap this pic of Miss E at the Breakfast with Santa the other day. =)
And, finally some photos from our cookie making marathon the other day. Yum!!!


Lelia said...

So sweet! I can totally see him inching his way to the door spring and then scaring the crap out of himself. Bless his heart!

Love that picture of Dylan and Lion! It's just so Dylan!

gottaluvboyz said...

What precious photos! 8 teeth...holy cow!!!! Both of them are getting too big. FYI...completely jealous that Jackson sleeps that long;)

Brooke said...

GOSH! I can't believe the little fellow is 8.5 months! Can't wait to see you guys again.

Virginia said...

He is SOOOO cute I can't stand it! :)

We must hear the hair cutting story. Who's idea was that anyways?! Hehe

Angela said...

Oh my goodness.....J is soooo adorable. I can't believe he's 8 months .....I would love to hear the haircutting story.

D is so big.....I can't believe how fast they're going up.


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