September 3, 2008

a voice from the past

As I was trying to catch up on blog posts on Google Reader this morning, I came across this post from Monique. Well, twenty minutes later I'm still sitting here watching Debbie Gibson videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

BTW, sadly I still know all the words to these songs. I sooo badly wanted to be one of those dancers in the "Electric Youth" video. Yes, my true "dork"ness is revealing itself. =)


Laura said...

I'm with you...i can sing right along! There's nothing wrong with that!!

Amy said...

That's awesome! I love a good blast from the past :)

**Nancy** said...

LOL!!! Loved this!!! I just spent the last 20 minutes watching these!! And I'm suppose to be cleaning!!!

Monique said...

Sorry I started something,'s hard not to get sucked in isn't it? Hope you are doing well. :) I was just catching up on some blogs while I was unable to sleep. Love all your layouts by the way. :)

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