August 31, 2008

five months

Yup, he's five months old. Time is just flying by!!

A few facts/milestones about the little man this month:
- eating cereal and LOVING it
- has two teeth now =)
- discovered his feet (so cute to watch!)
- takes a 7 oz. bottle every four hours and cereal for a morning snack or evening snack
- naps a little in the morning, 3-4 hours in the afternoon, and then another little nap before bedtime
- LOVES to play in his exersaucer (he smiles and flaps his arms when he sees it!)
- flaps his arms like a crazy boy when he's playing (even with toys in his hands)
- (already?!) showing a preference for his left hand
- can roll from tummy to back and from back to tummy
- scoots a little bit on his tummy
- can sit up (very) briefly by himself
- his "piano" is his favorite toy
- won't sleep anywhere but in his bed
- will take his paci out of his mouth and plop his thumb in (he's a VERY loud thumbsucker, too)
- weighs a little over 15 pounds

And of course we have to have pictures. =)
(I just ADORE that look on J's face when he's looking at Dylan - such love!!!)


gottaluvboyz said...

Oh...these pictures are so cute. I absolutely adore the one of him and Dylan:) I love these updates, but loathe them at the same time (reminds me that Ryder will be where Jackson in a short amount of time). Our little boys are growing too quickly!!!!

Lelia said...

Say it isn't so! 5 months already!?!

You sure are capturing some amazing shots to document this time in his life. I love all of them, but especially the one of him sucking his fingers (btw, people, he IS a VERY LOUD thumb sucker!) and the one of him and Dylan. Precious. =)

Megan said...

oh Man! He is cute! I love all the pictures... but the one of him in black and needs to be blown up and framed in your house...just perfection!

Nadia said...

You always have the cutest pictures! He's such a handsome baby!

Laura said...

He is so beautiful!

Amy said...

Ohhhhhhh!!! He is so, so handsome, and I love the picture of he and Dylan!

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