May 6, 2008

growing up

My boys are just growing up too fast!!! Jackson is now five weeks old. This morning he discovered his hand - the look on his face was hilarious!!! Dylan will turn FOUR next week. He's sooo excited and I'm so sad/happy for him. I can't believe my baby will be FOUR! The other day he looked at me and said, "Mommy, don't worry. We're not growing up too fast." Seriously, I just want to keep him this little forever!!!! He also informed me that "big brothers don't eat vegetables." Hmmm......

I found this onesie at Old Navy the other day and I couldn't resist! My friend Amy got one for her daughter and I was so excited to find one for Jackson. =)Here are some recent layouts I've done. =)
Bazzill Basics is our sponsor for the month at Scrap4Life. They make these cute little board boooks and I used one to make this little mini album. I love how it turned out! You can see the rest of the album in my gallery at Scrap4Life.


Amy Dodd said...

I know what you mean by they grow up way too fast! Allyson is so excited about her birthday in August cause she will be Seven!! Holy Cow, I can't have a seven year old! That mini book you made is very cute!

Table for 3 said...

You've really made some cute pages lately! I love to see the new baby pages. Great mini album, too.

HoweverAlthough said...

GREAT looking book! I want to be a SAHM...only minus the kids. I guess that's not possible unless I win the lottery or something.
Beautiful layouts and precious children!

Heather said...


Your mom told me about this site! They are both so cute! You need to bring Dylan to the house so Roger can play with him more, I think Rog had fun (but you know it does not take much) I may have to get you to show me how to scrapbook.

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