April 26, 2008


Yeah, this post will be all over the place so bear with me. =)

First and foremost, if you don't have plans for National Scrapbooking Day (yes, we scrapbookers have our own holiday!) make plans to be at Scrap4Life from Friday through Sunday. Heck, if you have plans, cancel them and come hang out with us! We'll have TONS of challenges, prizes, games, projects, and all kinds of stuff going on all weekend!!!Here are a few layouts I've gotten done recently for different challenges over at Scrap4Life. They have the BEST challenges!!! They ALWAYS get my mojo going (even on 3 hours of sleep.)
For those of you wondering, I've got a big stack of Jackson pictures waiting to be scrapped but I forced myself to get the pregnancy pages done first. I knew if I started scrapping baby pics, I'd never go back and do the pregnancy layouts. =) If you're needing a Jackson fix, though, here's a few sweet pictures I took this past Monday.
And, finally some humor. This was mine and Dylan's conversation the other day regarding the newest member of our family.

Dylan: I like Jackson's eyes! (he's always asking to see his eyes for some reason)
Me: Oh, really? Is that your favorite part of him?
Dylan: Yup! Well...I like all of it.

How sweet is that? I just wish he'd always be this sweet to his brother! LOL


Megan said...

those layouts are all great! I love that you did the pregnancy in trimesters...great idea! And Dylan is so sweet! I'm glad to hear that he's a good big brother!

elizbailey said...

I love how diligent you were at taking the photos during your pregnancy! Great baby shots!!

Amy said...

Ooooo! Those loyouts and pictures ROCK! That's so cute about Dylan loving "all of it"!

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