January 18, 2008

i've created a hermit

I'm definitely an introvert. I'd much rather sit at home and read a book than get out and have to deal with people. I know that sounds terrible but that's just the way I am. (My husband calls it lazy. Grrrr!) Well, I've tried very hard not to let this introvert-ness carry over to my child. We've tried to take him a lot of places and expose him to people and things. Well, this is our conversation this morning during breakfast:

Dylan: Mommy, where are we going today?
Me: Nowhere. Today is a "Mommy and Dylan day." We can stay home and do what we want.
Dylan: YAY!!!! You mean we don't have to go to school?
Me: Nope.
Dylan: YAY!!!!

Guess I'm not trying hard enough on the introvert thing, huh? =) BTW, he never wants to go anywhere. If he got to choose, we'd stay home all the time!

The crazy kid also wanted Lightning McQueen pasta for breakfast. Craziness!!!!

We are VERY excited about the snow we're supposed to get tonight and tomorrow! I'll try to get some good snow pictures!!


Amy Dodd said...

Jenney Allyson is the same way! She would much rather stay home on the weekends than go out and about. She gets even more excited on the weekends when I let her stay in her pj's most of the day too! Sometimes I like that she's like that and other times not so much.

Table for 3 said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Vonni said...

Owen is the opposite. He refuses to get dressed in the morning until I tell him where we're going. Then, if we don't have anything planned, he insists on me calling all his friends' moms to ask if we can go over to their house. Ummm, no.

Disney Scrapper said...

Hey where are the snow pics?

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