December 4, 2007

christmas pics

Yesterday I took some pictures of my little man to send out with Christmas cards. I'm determined to be on time with all things Christmas this year!! LOL We'll see.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Don't worry - I haven't posted the one I'm sending out. =)

Of course, the pictures can't all be serious. LOL

And we can't have a photoshoot without Lion.

And this is what happens when he's had enough of the camera.
My friend Lelia was nice enough to take some belly shots of me last week. This little one is definitely poking out there. LOL


Sheri said...

Those turned out so well, Jenney! You look fantastic, too.

Amy Hummel said...

Cute pics, and cute belly!

Megan said...

oh, what a teeny little belly you have...I love those shots of fave is that first one...breathtaking!

Table for 3 said...

Those pictures of Dylan are ADORABLE!! How in the world did you narrow it down to just one????

gimmegodiva said...

Too cute.... you and your pregger belly!

Anonymous said...

You are SO adorable! Love the pictures of Dylan--can't wait to see the one that you picked for cards!

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