December 9, 2007

picture overload

When I started this blog, I intended to use it to share my scrapbooking layouts and anything else that happened to be on my mind. Well, lately it seems to have been taken over by photography. I haven't posted a layout in months (I have actually been scrapping!) and haven't really discussed much either. So yesterday, I set up a new blog that will be devoted just to photography. Will I be able to keep both blogs updated regularly? Probably not. And that's ok. =)

If you're interested in seeing my scrapbook pages and reading my thoughts and opinions (and who isn't?) then stay here.

If you like checking out my pictures (mostly of my gorgeous little boy) then go here:

If you could care less about any of these things then find yourself a new blog to read. =) I couldn't resist.

I have a stack of layouts upstairs that are just waiting to be scanned and uploaded, so hopefully I'll get to those today!

BTW, if you haven't discovered Google Reader (go here) then I highly recommend it. It's an awesome tool that lets you keep track of blogs. Whenever someone posts to their blog, it will let you know so you don't have to keep checking blogs every day (or week or whenever you do it).


Amy said...

oh i love your new photo!!!! i haven't had time to blog surf in a while so i'm just now seeing it. :)

Anonymous said...

Your new picture is beautiful!!! You are simply glowing! You're also sassy during your pregnancy--I love that you "couldn't resist"--I can just hear you saying that! You make me laugh!

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