September 25, 2007


Mine and Dylan's conversation this morning right after he woke up:

Dylan: Yesterday ("Dylan speak" for anytime in the past) a chipmunk hit me with it's tail.
Me: Um....ok. I'm sorry. Where did you see the chipmunk?
Dylan: Yesterday at the beach. (Hmmm?)

A moment later:
Dylan: Did you have a caterpillar in your mouth, Mommy? I saw it there yesterday.
Me: No, we don't put bugs in our mouth, Dylan. That's yucky!!
Dylan: Well, I did!

I think my kid is having some strange dreams. What do you think? LOL


Table for 3 said...

You gotta watch those beach chipmunks! LOL! :)

Megan said...

oh Jenney, that's hilarious! Quite the imagination on that boy!

Amy Hummel said...


That's hilarious!

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