April 2, 2007

Some Recent Pictures

I took these pics of my boys outside the other day. Dylan's favorite thing to do outside is to "mow" the grass. Once he started mowing along with my husband, I grabbed the camera. Forget safety when great pictures are to be had, right? Eventually, I did listen to that voice in the back of my mind telling me I'd better get my kid away from the injury-producing lawn mower. The 2nd pic is the result of me (and his daddy) telling him he couldn't cut grass beside Daddy anymore. Life's so tough!!! =)


Todd and Amy said...

Oh my!! That face is too cute :) Love the pic of the side-by-side lawnmowers!!

Table for 3 said...

Send those mowing men over to Rosemary Road, please!

Disney Scrapper said...

Ooh...poor baby. But I love the pic of them mowing together.

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