April 1, 2007

Playing with Photoshop Actions

Thanks to my rockin' friends Lelia and Heather, I now have Photoshop and (sort of) know what to do with it. This is an example of some playing I did this morning while my child is taking a fever-induced nap. Poor baby!! Thanks, girls, for all of your help! Especially, Heather, who is probably sick to death of my asking questions about cameras and lenses. She won't admit it, though. =) That's how sweet she is!

Edited: Obviously, the color version is the original and the black and white is the edited. =)


heather taylor photography said...

Oh, you're too sweet. I PROMISE I don't mind helping! I love this pic of Dylan and his baby chub. :) Love what you did with the action, too... they're so fun!

Todd and Amy said...

Heather is the best isn't she??? These look awesome and that pic is just too cute!!!

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