April 9, 2007

I'm being tortured!

This arrived in the mail today. Yup, I've ordered a Canon Rebel XTI. My only problem - the book that tells me how to use it is here but the camera is not. It'll be here tomorrow (hopefully) but looking through this book will make for a looooong 24 hours. =)

P.S. The book on the bottom is Understanding Exposure. I'm told it's a "must read" for photography. I know what I'll be doing during naptime this afternoon!


heather taylor photography said...

ohhhh, definite torture!! Have fun reading, and good luck these last 24 hours!!

Amy said...

Understanding Exposure is definitely a must read! Enjoy!

Karla said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with your new toy! Can't wait to see those shots! What lense did you get?????

So exiting!!!!!!!!!


Vikki said...

Hi Jenny,

We have not met yet but will at Paulette Hammond's retreat! Anyway if you want to take a great class for your new camera, Paris Fazard and B'ham School of Photography is great. I just finished one and I am signed up for another one in May. They are very reasonable!


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