April 9, 2007

Easter Recap

We had a great Easter. This year, D was finally old enough to really appreciate the whole Easter basket thing and Egg Hunt. Last year, he didn't quite "get" it. He had his party at school on Thursday and they had a little egg hunt there. Every other kid in the class was going around putting eggs in their bucket and my child just decided to carry his. No bucket needed, apparently. He finally realized that he could get a lot more eggs if he used his bucket. =) Of course, his favorite part of the party was the food (that's my boy!). Easter morning, he decided to sleep in late but when he finally got up, we had him hunt for his Easter basket. That was funny! He kept running around to different parts of the house saying "where is it? where is it? where could it be?" Cute! He, of course, found his Easter basket which was full of fun little toys and a little candy. The Reese cups were opened first and before he took a bite, he offered one to me and his Daddy. So sweet!!! After lunch, we held an Easter Egg hunt at my in-laws house. Dylan and his little cousin had a BLAST!! It's so fun to watch them play together. They have their own little language and just talk and talk. All in all, Easter was a wonderful day spent with family! I hope your Easter was just as wonderful!

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