February 19, 2007

New Post Added

Ok, so I started a post last and decided not to publish it yet. Well, when I pubbed it this morning it posted it as the original date therefore it is hidden away down on the middle of the page. I have no idea how to fix the date of the post so here's a link to it:
Playing at the Park
There's some darn cute pictures of my son so check it out. I'm a little biased, though. =)


Todd and Amy said...

Those are some darn cute pics :) By the way, I have to tell you that I loved the v-day card you made your hubby so much I scraplifted it!! --Amy (Jupiter) from sb.com--

Karla said...

Um....what's this about a girlfriend??? Startin' already hu?

LOL!!!!! Catch you soon

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