January 17, 2007

Latest Pics

I was kind of in a yucky mood yesterday (maybe it's the weather?) so I decided to take some pics to cheer me up. For some reason, taking pictures of my little munchkin always makes me appreciate him and enjoy all those little things he does. Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

He has become quite the photographer. He loves to tell me what to take a picture of or does some silly face for me. Of course, after the flash goes off, he has to come see the picture on the LCD screen. It's amazing what kids these days are used to!!

Sorry for the HUGE pictures!! Not sure what's up with that!

1 comment:

Karla said...

Those eyes of his a big and beautiful! Cuttie I tell ya!!!! Girl have fun takin' those pictures and anjoy that handsome little man. Just don't stop shooting for a couple of days or so. Write down why you went crazy and all the events that took place and scrap youself a little miniBOOK! Yes...I am challenging you. You got the first couple pages already done right here so GET-TO-SNAPPIN"! -Karla

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