December 6, 2006

Wishlist and Grand Opening!!

Since I’m too old to sit on Santa’s lap, I thought I’d post my Christmas wishlist here. Mine and my husband’s gift to each other is a finished playroom/scraproom in our house so I know I won’t be getting any of these things but a girl can dream, right?

Here’s my wishlist:
1) A winter with no sickness in my family. No allergies, no colds, no flu, nothing!
2) A Canon Rebel XTI camera with lens and bag. (Free lessons from Tara Whitney would be awesome as well!)
3) Quickutz’s Studio Classic font.
4) A day with no interruptions to really clean my house. I’m talking mopping, dusting, clean shelves in the refrigerator, all that fun stuff. I need the energy to go along with that, too!

I hope you get everything that’s on your wishlist this year!!!

Extra Stuff:
I’m starting a part time job this weekend which I’m so psyched about!!! I’ll be working part time at Scrap Etc.!!!! If you’ve never been there, it’s a fabulous scrapbooking store FULL of the latest products. I’ll never have a paycheck because I’ll be spending every dime I make but at least I’ll have fun! If you’re out and about this weekend, come by to see us. The newest store is in the Pinnacle shopping center (behind Target) in Trussville. I’ll be there all weekend so come by and say hello! I’m sure Monique has some fabulous things planned for her Grand Opening!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!! You got like the best job in the world!!! If I lived there I would come to see you like everyday!!! And I hope wishes come true! Chat with you soon chick -Karla

Sarah said...

Love your wishlist...wouldn't it be nice if it all appeared :)
Enjoy your new sounds awesome...I'm with you on the pay cheque though...I'd never see any of it!

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