December 1, 2006

Simple Scrapbooks ROCKS!

If you read my PSA announcement from last week you know that I've been having issues with getting a Simple Scrapbooks magazine subscription started. Anyway, my wonderful husband suggested I send the magazine an e-mail explaining my problem in the hopes that they would contact the horrible website company (from which I purchased the magazine) to prevent the problem from happening to anyone else. That was my main goal: to make sure that can never take anyone else's money. Well the wonderful Ms. Catherine Flynn at Simple Scrapboks sent me several e-mails saying they would work to resolve the problem and if they couldn't then they'd send me a free complimentary subscription. How sweet are they!? Well, sure enough as soon as I gave her my contact information, I got an e-mail from All Zines saying they were sending me a refund check. I gave them an earful in my response so I may never see that check but I was sooo ticked off that it took involving a fourth party to the problem to get answers. Anyway, long story (somewhat) short, I should have a check coming to me in the mail plus Simple Scrapbooks sent me a complimentary Jan/Feb issue for my troubles. I have been thoroughly impressed by their customer service! Few companies these days have any customer service at all and it made my day that they cared enough to sort out of the problem. Thank you, Ms. Flynn and Simple Scrapbooks!

BTW, the Jan/Feb issue of SS is awesome! I definitely recommend buying it if you don't have a subscription already!


Anonymous said...

You never get results unless you act hu? Good for you!!! -Karla

Angela said...

AllZines should be ashamed of their company. It looks like SImple Scrapbooks is a SUPERB company that wants to make you happy reguardless of the money!
Congrats! I hope you get that refund ASAP!

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