May 8, 2010

our life these days {in photos}

It seems like we've been going non stop lately. We've been busy with birthdays, therapy sessions, school events, etc. I love it though! For some reason, I enjoy the go-go-go much more than the "I'm bored" days.

The only problem with go-go-going is that my list of things to do gets progressively longer. It's all good though. =) I'm pretty behind in editing my personal photos {um, Easter pics would be nice to see} but I did want to share a few snapshots from life that I've gotten lately.

This little dude turned ONE last week. No, he isn't mine but I can {sort of} claim him. ;-) BTW, you can see more photos of Little Man here.
To celebrate the little guy's birthday we took our two cohorts in crime to IJump in Hoover. My little daredevil had the time of his life! He laughed nonstop for two hours. It was great! They have a toddler area that had a distorted mirror. Jackson thinks seeing himself in a mirror these days is just hilarious. He looks at himself and then does different faces and folds his arms together. It's just so funny to watch. I actually got a video of it with my fancy schmancy camera but I have no clue what do with it once it's on my computer. Any tips?Dylan turns 6 in just a few days. How did that happen??? I LOVE that he's all about reading these days. He also loves to write and I love to see how he spells different words. It just completely melts my heart. On this particular morning, I had a grocery list going and he thought he should add to it. =) {In case you aren't familiar with the 5 year old world he requested a Webkinz, those stuffed animals that you can play games with online. He's a bit obsessed. Ask his teacher. ;) }
I've been trying to plan lots of playdates for the little guy. It's really important that he be around other kids so these pics were taken at a playdate at the park. I have no clue what he was doing here but it just makes me laugh. Crazy boy!And because there needs to be some proof that I exist:I hope all the Moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day! I've already been gifted with a dozen beautiful yellow roses, a precious book created by my baby and a sweet bookmark that I will treasure forever. Happy Mother's Day everyone!


gottaluvboyz said... all of the photos! Cool photo of you:) Sounds like all of you are busy busy! Happy Mother's Day!

pattiwest said...

love your pics, jenney!!! my sons used to add to my grocery lists too...wait! they still do! :) happy mother's day!

~jan said...

Happy Mothers Day, Jenney! Love the photos of your boys (and the boy who isnt your boy too.) :) The photo of you is terrific!

Catherine said...

Great photos! Happy Mothers Day to you too! Enjoy!

pamala said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! Great pics!

mustangkayla said...

Great photos! Your boys are adorable!

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