May 29, 2010

lots of fun ahead

{And lots of pictures but you already knew that, right?} Dylan turned 6 a couple weeks ago and while his party was VERY stressful for us, he had a great time. And that's all that matters, right? On his actual birth day, we let him choose where we went for dinner. In his grand 6 year old wisdom he picked....Burger King. It's cheap, not too low on the health dept. score so we agreed. On his 6th birthday, he also lost his first tooth!!! He was soooo excited!! We're not exactly sure where he was when he lost his tooth so we didn't have it to leave for the Tooth Fairy so he had to leave a note. Miss Fairy came while we were out for dinner {she's too tired at night!} and Dylan was shocked that he got money in return for a note. His exact words were "Wow! It worked!" It was pretty cute.

The one present he wanted was Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Wii. I have no idea why because none of these are sports he'll probably ever do in real life {except for possibly ice skating} but he loves it. And he was soooo excited when he opened it. He walked right over and gave me the biggest hug. =)

Since I had sooo many pictures to share, I put them all together in storyboards. I couldn't pick just a few. ;-) If you want to see more they're all up on my professional gallery page here.

Instead of doing one big cake, we did little cupcakes. We had red mushrooms, blue mini mushrooms and star men. Our Super Mario Brothers obsessed little man loved them. =)
And before anyone asks, no I did not take all these pictures. My best friend Lelia and I have a deal that we take pictures at each other's kids parties. She took all the party pics and did an awesome job! Thank you!!! I highly suggest trading with a friend and doing pictures for each other - you get stress-free pictures of the big day and you're actually in some of the pictures. If you don't have a friend close by, you can always give me a call and I can come out and take pictures for you. =)

{And that final picture - on the bottom - that made all the hard work totally worth it.} ;-)

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gottaluvboyz said...

Too cute about Dylan's first tooth fairy experience! You did an awesome job on his party and I'm glad he appreciated it:) Great photos, Lelia!

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