March 2, 2010

ready for spring

So is anyone else REALLY ready for spring?? I never thought I'd say this, but I'm sooo tired of snow and cold! I'm ready for warm weather, flip flops and the pool. Anyone else?

This past week was the deadline for the Lily Bee design team call. I gave it a shot but I'm certainly not expecting a call next Monday. =) Here are the layouts I did for the call:{This next layout is a little about Jackson's journey this past year. I haven't spoken about it a lot on my blog just because I didn't want it not to be his decision to share. However, I did want to scrap it so I wouldn't forget the details. =)}
This next page was completely inspired by Virginia Tillery. She posted a fun sketch on her blog, challenged us to play with it and I ran... This was a fun layout to make and is all Jackson!

Finally, this page was done for last week's Studio Calico Sunday Sketch challenge. We were also challenged to use baby colors. Well, we all know I'm not a pink and baby blue kind of person so this is as close as I could get. =)

Poor Dylan! He's been a little neglected in the scrappy department lately. Guess I need to get on that. =)


Lisa said...

love the layouts!! Jackson is such a cutie!! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the DT. i'm hoping i see all my friends on the list!!

Cole didn't talk much at all until he was over two. his doctor was never concerned though, but we were. he said enough i guess that they weren't concerned. it took putting him in daycare and him being around lots of kids (instead of home with me) before he would really talk!! I'm sure Jackson will be great though - sometimes boys need a little longer to catch on - even the grown up ones!! :D

Amy said...

um YES! I'm ready for spring too! Cute pages and cute, cute boys!!

delia said...

flip flops, YES! I wore them to pick up Ava from school on Monday because I've just HAD it with the cold. I blew the heat on my feet to make it feel like spring! It actually lifted my mood!!

These scrapbook pages are just stunning! I don't know how you have the time to do them....totally impressed!

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