May 26, 2009

a girl after my own heart

For those of you that enjoyed the "small pictures" tutorial that I posted a few weeks ago, here's something even better. This is a girl after my own heart. If you haven't checked out CoffeeShop Actions you MUST run to her site. This girl has so many PS actions and is now doing templates for storyboards. Wahoo!!!! She just posted a template for 4 wallets on a 4x6 image. Yay!!!
wallets template

In other news, we've survived Jackson and Dylan's birthdays and parties, hosted a fun little shower for Lelia and enjoyed graduation. (Need to post those pics, btw.) This is the last week of school. I'm not sure whether to be sad or happy about this. I look forward to not having to get up every morning to get the boys ready but I'm not looking forward to being home ALL DAY EVERY DAY with two kids (one of whom gets into anything and everything). So, yesterday I went and bought a Wii. I'm hoping it'll keep Dylan and me occupied this summer (such a great Mom, huh?). We'll see.... I'm also hoping to get some scrapping done this summer. I just got in a HUGE stack of pictures to scrap and put in albums so that'll keep me busy for a while if I can just find my mojo. =)


gottaluvboyz said...


Heather said...

You need to join the Birmingham Mommy's Day out group.

Angela said...

Hey Jenn!

Hope you have a wonderful and fun summer......J is old enough to enjoy the summer days outside with D.

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