March 29, 2009

party boy

Yesterday was day I'd been dreading and looking forward to for a long time. My last baby's 1st birthday party. It's breaking my heart that my baby is turning a year old but I'm also excited for him - he's on the cusp of learning to walk, he's eating new things, learning how to operate toys, making attachments to people and things. He's growing up!

His birthday isn't actually until Monday but we celebrated yesterday with family and friends. Jackson wasn't sure what to make of it all. He kept looking around as if he couldn't believe all these people were in his house. LOL Before you see the pictures, please understand we had a VERY sleepy little boy on our hands. Naptime has been a little erratic lately (we'll switch to one nap a day soon) and he hadn't taken a nap before his party. =)

Getting a picture of my mom is nearly impossible. Apparently putting a grandbaby in her arms will get her to cooperate. =)
I love this picture of Jack with his Gray and Great-Nanny. He looks so little and I love how he's looking at them. So sweet!
And, here's Jackson with his buddy, Gray.

Jack LOVED the balloonswe had everywhere. He just laughed and laughed at them!

Me and my hubby with our birthday boy. (Yes, I know the middle picture is funky but I like it LOL)

Here's our little man opening his presents. He got right into and I was amazed that big brother stood back and let the Birthday Boy open all his presents. One of the first presents he opened was a little red car (he LOVES cars) and once he saw that car that's all he wanted to play with. We had to hide it just so he'd be interested in opening the rest of his presents. Crazy boy!For me, the best thing about a 1st birthday party is the cake! I love to see how they react to eating cake and all the sugar. =) At first, Jack wasn't too sure about it but once he figured out how yummy it was, he chowed down. He picked up big chunks and shoved it into his mouth. And then he disovered that it was even more fun to "paint" with the icing. He painted his chest and his belly. Needless to say bathtime quickly followed cake time! =) Just to save you from about 20 pictures of him eating cake, I made this little storyboard of his encounter with it yesterday. I love how he get progressively messier! =)And finally these two pictures are my favorites from party. I love his sweet eyes in the first and I love how messy and squishy the icing is in the 2nd pic.Thanks for putting up with all my pictures!! One last note: These were all taken by my best friend, Lelia. She took all the pictures for me so I could sit back and enjoy the day with my little man. Thank so much, girl!!!


gottaluvboyz said...

It looks like Jackson had a fantastic first birthday! The cake pictures are priceless as are the shots w/ Jackson and his various family members!!!! Hats off to Leila for some awesome sweet of her:)

**Nancy** said...

oh cute!!!! I love them!! Seems like he had a great day!!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!!

mustangkayla said...

How cute! Lelia got as bunch of wonderful pictures!

Lelia said...

Those storyboards are AMAZING!!!

Jackson was so cute eating that cake! Thank you for letting us be a part of his special day!

Stacey said...

Lots of great photos! Looks like a nice time!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Savannah had the same 1st birthday cake. It must have come from Publix.=)

Heather W said...

Aww!! I can not believe he is already one!! Happy birthday Jackson!

Tara said...

These are great 1st birthday pics! I love the last one with cake on that sweet face! Lelia did a great job! I can NOT believe he is 1!! Wow, time flies. I love him standing up at his presents too, that is way too big!

Angela said...

These pics are so stinking cute! They are all great.....LOVE the pics of him with cake all over his face! ROFL Too FUNNY!

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