November 9, 2008

seven months

My baby turned seven months old last week. We didn't actually do a "seven month photoshoot" because we did Halloween costume pictures instead. This time around I'm posting different pictures from his 7th month that I liked. Before I get to the pics, though, here's the stats on the Little Dude.
- he has 5 teeth (two on bottom and three on top)
- tried real banana mashed up and he didn't like it at all, in fact there was some lovely gagging going on
- likes real applesauce and mashed potatoes
- taking 3-4 bottles a day (we're tying to wean him off the bedtime bottle)
- takes 2-3 naps a day
- "Thomas the Train Trackside Tunes" is his favorite show to watch - he gets the biggest grin on his face when it comes on (thanks, Paulette!!!)
- is learning to scoot around and does it pretty quickly
- his favorite toys are his "keychain" with pictures and music (thanks, Brooke!), any small (but not too small) toy he can chew on, and the "farmer" see-n-say
- sucks his thumb when he's sleepy or mad
- LOVES the bathtub
- can sit up for a few seconds by himself
- finally giving us a good belly laugh (usually when he's being tickled)
- literally smiles his biggest smile when you put him in his bed to go nite-nite
- the spit up is getting better (on most days)
- pulling on other people's noses, ears, cheeks, etc. is a big source of entertainment for him these days
- he likes to watch the cat walking around (she's black, white and brown)
- he was a puppy dog for his first Halloween

I realize that a couple of the pictures look the same but his face is just a little different in each one and that's soooo him. He makes a million different faces!! And now for the pictures:

I just love this pictures of the two of them!
Not the best "photography technique" wise but I love the angle/perspective of it.

And this picture will be hanging somehwere in my house very soon!!! I love it!


gottaluvboyz said...

I just love reading what little Jackson is up much fun:) Great pictures! Dylan and Jackson made the cutest little puppies. Yes, you definitely need to hang that last picture up cute!!!!! Good luck today w/ your shoot BTW! You will do great:)

mustangkayla said...

He has changed so much! Adorable pictures! That last one is such a great photo!

Lelia said...

I could just eat him every time I see a picture! You are definitely going to have to frame that last picture! It's so sweet!

Heather Taylor Photography said...

Awww, how sweet!! Happy 7 months, lil J!! I love his little chompers! :)

Disney Scrapper said...

Oh my goodness, I can't get over how much he has grown! Happy 7th month.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness....your boys are such cutie pies. I just want to pinch Jacksons chubby cheeks.

Awesome pics!

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