November 3, 2008

recovering from halloween

Does anyone feel like they need a vacation after a big day in "kidland?" Dylan and Jackson had a great Halloween. Well, Dylan had a great Halloween - Jack could've cared less. Although he did like his costume. =) I decided to be a Crafty Gal and make my kids' costumes this year. Dylan decided he wanted to be a puppy dog and I decided that Jackson would play along. Since I have no sewing machine or the skills needed to operate one, I sewed them by hand. I purchased brown shirts and pants and hats and some felt from WalMart, cut a bunch of circles and hand-sewed them onto said clothing. It wasn't too difficult but it was time consuming and finding plain brown hats is VERY difficult - who knew? My BFF Lelia saved my butt on Jackson's hat. His is actually a man's hat that she so wonderfully hemmed for rme. I didn't know you could hem a hat (remember the lack of sewing skills?) Here are the results:

Pretty cute, huh? Anyway, back to the "recovery" part. My 4 year old has been restricted in the sugar department for most of his short life. I had gestational diabetes and that puts him at greater risk of diabetes so we limit his sugar intake. Makes sense, right? Well when a sugar-restricted 4 year old gets hold of TONS of Halloween candy the results ain't pretty. I've had the brattiest child possible for the past three days but hopefully it's about to get better - the candy is mysteriously "dissappearing" today. =)

I'm doing a fun new project for November. For each day of the month, I'm taking a picture of something I'm thankful for. For one day it was Jackson's sweet little smile, one day it was my washer and dryer (the alternative is unthinkable!), one day it might be my computer, today it will probably be my Diet Coke (it's 5:30 and I've been up for 4 hours!). At the end of the month I'm going to either make a mini album or use all the pics on a layout. Anyone care to join me?

I have it on good authority that there's going to be an AWESOME crop this weekend at Scrap4Life. I'd love to have LOTS of participation!!!

Oh, and speaking of Scrap4Life, this month's kit is ADORABLE!!! I'll probably be ordering one soon because it's just too cute!! Jodie just lowered the price of her AWESOME kits so get yours fast - this one won't last long!
I might possibly have a BIG photography announcement to make soon so be on the lookout for it. =)


gottaluvboyz said...

Jenney...that picture of the boys is too adorable. You did a great job on their costumes!!!! After not having a sewing machine for years I just recently got one again. I may get creative next year LOL!

I'm playing along w/ your Novemeber photography I cannot wait for the crop this weekend!

Virginia said...

I am amazed by yours (and Lelia's) rockin' costume making skills! Those little puppies ROCK! (Oh and they're very adorable, too.) hehe

I love the idea of a picture a day of something I'm thankful for! I'm totally joining you on this! Thanks for the great challenge!

mustangkayla said...

Awesome job on the costumes! They are too cute!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

I love the costumes, and knowing that you made them, makes them all the better! Way to go!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

I love the costumes, and knowing that you made them, makes them all the better! Way to go!

Angela said...

Love the costume......the boys are so stinkin the picture....your photography is AMAZING!

**Nancy** said...

Oh, how cute!!! I love how these costumes turned out!!! They look so adorable!!! I can't believe how big Jackson is!! I'm looking forward to your crop this weekend!

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