November 25, 2008

computer help, please

You guys are awesome at giving advice on everything from haircuts to organizing so I thought I'd get your opinions on something else. =)

I'm on the hunt for a laptop. The hubs wants me off his (it's really supposed to be for his company and I'm on it WAY more than he is) and I want a portable computer for editing pictures and surfing the web. I'm debating between a Mac and a PC. I know some of you own Macs out there. Is it worth the extra $$? Can a PC and a Mac live together in the same house? LOL

Speaking of editing photos, this is what I've been doing for the past four days. I had sooo much fun this weekend. Do you ever have moments where you feel like you're exactly where you belong? That's how I felt for several hours this weekend while taking pictures of these kiddos. =)


Elizabeth Bailey said...

I gotta put my 2 cents in for a Mac. I definitely think they are worth the money. I don't know much about the macbooks, but I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with one.

mustangkayla said...

My BIL just graduated with a degree in computer engineering, he would recommend the Mac. So would my other BIL. I was told that if you upgrade your pc to the same level a Mac is they are fairly close in price, so Mac isn't necessarily more expensive. Make sense?

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