August 4, 2008


Yes, 3 posts in one day!!!! Shocking, I know! But I forgot one more VERY important thing that I HAVE to discuss. I've heard several people talking for a couple years about this series of books that they were reading. Something about a girl and a vampire....

Well, I would NEVER enjoy that kind of book. It sounds like a strange premise for a series.

Ha! I was sooooo wrong!!!! I read Twilight last week in about 3 days. I literally COULD NOT put the book down. It is PHENOMENAL. Seriously! I want to read it again and I just might (like, NOW). I'm very impatiently waiting for New Moon to be available from the library so I can find out what will happen next to Bella and Edward. I'm obsessed I tell you!

So, if you're wanting a book to read (and have the time to become totally immersed) I HIGHLY recommend this book!!! Run to buy it now!!


Party of Five said...

I share your obsession. I think the 4th book just came out. I read the first three, one right after the other in about 2 weeks! She also has one called The Host, that is supposed to be pretty good too.

Jenn said...

you have WAY more patience than I do! I got them all on Monday and finished Breaking Dawn last night. I was sooo obsessed this week, but it was worth every single minute! They are awesome books. If you want I can let you borrow them, cuz like I said....I don't have the patience to wait!

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