June 20, 2008

recent finds

I've been spending WAY too much time lately on the net. In fact, Dylan comes up to me "Mommy, are you STILL on the internet?" Why, yes, I am. Google Reader is an awesome tool that lets me check in on as many blogs as I want. Currently, there are about 120 blogs I'm "subscribed" to. It has this cool feature that recommends blogs based on what you're already reading. That gets me in trouble!!! I've found many cool sites that way! Here are some great places I check out:
  1. 2 sketches 4 you - started by SUPER talented friend, Kazan and her friend Laura
  2. inspire me - VERY cool place for scrappy inspiration
  3. stephanie howell - AWESOME scrapper and photographer
  4. audrey woulard - AMAZING children's photographer - I could spend hours at her site!!
  5. heather taylor - I've known Heather for a couples years now and she's soooo amazingly talented with a camera!!!!
  6. precious memories - a LOCAL photographer who rocks!
  7. footprints photography - photog blog with CUTE pictures of kids
  8. image is found - the kind of pictures I want to take when I grow up =)
  9. scrapbook princess - my friend paulette is opening a scrapbook store in a couple months WAHOO!!!! Way to go, girl!!!
  10. picnik - I found this site through Virginia's blog. It's a fun site that lets you upload a picture, edit it photoshop-style and then save it back to your pc. Perfect for those of us who are photoshop challenged. LOL
I uploaded this picture to picnik, did some editing, and got this:
Happy Friday everyone!!


Amy said...

hi jenney! love the green polka dots on your blog! where is the store your friend is opening? i noticed she posted about bazzill. i love bazzill. your kiddos are just adorable and growing so fast. hope you are doing well.

mustangkayla said...

Thanks for sharing those blogs Jenney! I'll have to check them out! I am addicted to google reader too!

gottaluvboyz said...

Oh dear...looks like my time on the web will be increasing too LOL:) I've been playing on the picnik site all morning!

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