June 9, 2008

odds and ends

We've been enjoying our summer break here. The weather has been VERY hot and humid but we're spending lots of time in the pool or inside in the air conditioning. =) Dylan spends a lot of his day doing "arks" and crafts. I keep telling him it's "arts" but he won't budge. Jackson is doing great!! He's staying awake longer to "talk" and play. His favorite things are his big brother, ceiling fans, his swaddle, and his crib mobile. If he sees or feels any of those things, you immediately get a smile out of him. So sweet!!

Jackson got his first haircut last weekend. Don't worry, we only cut the sideburns! They were bugging me. =)
Here's the before:

And here's the after:And here's a cute picture I snagged while I was shooting the others:

Dylan's "girlfriend" came over to the house last week and they played outside getting dirty and wet. LOL I was lucky enough to snag this lens for the day so I spent most of the time taking pictures.And here's the little dude napping the morning away.My friend Brooke made me a sling for Jackson last week and that is the best thing EVAH!! I use it all the time! It's great for "holding" him but not really, kwim? I can be doing other stuff (like editing pics on the computer) while he's snuggled up next to me. I love it!!!! She's going to be selling these little bad boys soon so if you're interested in one, let me know and I'll get her info to you. I picked out the fabric from Hobby Lobby. =)
This past weekend was another crop at Scrap4Life. I got 7 pages done. Wahoo!!!! Here are my favs:

Oh, and guess who's sleeping through the night now! Wahoo!!!!!

Well, I guess that's about it for today. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


gottaluvboyz said...

Gosh...what a great post Jenney:) LOL about the sideburns! Ryder has them too (although he has actual sideburns down the side of his face too-ha,ha). All of the new pics are great. I am loving that sling and have been thinking about getting/making one myself.

Great new LO's too...I don't see how you get so much done w/ a newborn (jealous!).

Congrats on Jackson sleeping through the night! That is truly awesome:0

Heather W said...

I bet it is nice having a mom with a pool! I have seriously thought about making Roger clean out the kiddie pool that we have for the dogs and getting in it!

I have heard that those slings are GREAT!

Both of the boys look great and so cute!

Megan said...

love those water shots! The one of Dylan and "girlfriend" and Jackson asleep in his little swimming trunks. Way too cute!

Disney Scrapper said...

oh my goodness, he is getting so big (such cute boys). And of course you do not look like you just had a baby. Shame on you!

Shelley Burkett said...

Hey Jenney!!!!

I haven't seen you in FOREVER! Looks like you are doing well - what a SWEET baby! And, your layouts are just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Jenney--precious photos and layouts! So glad Little Man is sleeping through the night--I know you are SO relieved!

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