March 6, 2008

a simple request

If you see me (and my obviously pregnant belly) out in public, please DO NOT feel the need to share your labor and delivery horror story with me. I've been pregnant before and given birth before. I don't need anyone to tell me what it feels like (I haven't forgotten!) and I don't need to hear the "worst" experience you've ever heard. And I DEFINITELY don't need to know about any complications you experienced.

I found out this week that there is a possibility that I might have to have a c-section. I'm literally heart broken over this but I know that God is watching over me and my baby and anything I have to go through to make sure he's ok is worth it. Unfortunately, Little Boy is being stubborn and deciding to hang out upside down. Yup, he's breech. He's only got 4 weeks to turn himself around and each day he's running out of room. The idea of having a c-section used to appeal to me (if you've seen how itty bitty I am you know why!) but now that I've given birth "normally" I'd like to continue that tradition. Frankly, I had a very easy and fast delivery with VERY little recovery. So, at any rate, please pray that my little man turns himself around and if he doesn't that his Mommy doesn't go completely crazy preparing and then recovering from a c-section. Thank you!!!

And, please, for the love, don't start a story with "When I was in labor..." or "My doctor..." around me!!!


Melissa said...

Hi Jenney,
I will say a prayer for you that your little one turns around! I'll have to let you know I was so scared when I had my first son and did NOT want a C-section at all... well I ended up having one... and it worked out so much better than I would have ever imagined! My little boy was born healthy and beautiful.
Recovery was easy! I promise!(I even requested a c-section with my second child)

BTW, people are just plain nuts when it comes to saying crazy things about child birth.
Sorry you have to deal with that.

oh, and I found your blog link at Scrap4Life.
Congrats on the Guest Designer spot!

Disney Scrapper said...

I won't say anything, but if you have questions about a c-section let me know. Praying for a safe and free from a c-section delivery.

Virginia said...

LOL Girl, I love it. People are crazy around you when you are pregnant. No filter! (The sad thing is- I'm probably a culprit of this and don't realize it. Ugh!)

Anyways, i will be praying with you that your little guy gets turned around, and if not, that everything goes smoothly and quickly for you and that your recovery (either way) is fast.

(hugs) for the home stretch!

gottaluvboyz said...

(((hugs))) Jenney and hang in there. Praying that your little guy turns around.

Table for 3 said...

So am I guilty of this, too? Maybe I should have kept my lengthy labor story to myself. It never occurred to me that it was a horror story, though. Sorry.

You know I'm praying that little guy will turn around! And if he doesn't, you feel free to moan and groan about it to me about it anytime.

Jenn said...

i just want you to know that turning around is possible. my daughter had 2 weeks to go and she turned on delivery day!!

On a scrap note I LOVE your work! I look forward to getting to know you better!!!

Amy Hummel said...

When I was in labor...

LOL, Just kidding.

You know we are all sending 'baby turning vibes' your way!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you, girl! I hope I haven't shared any scary labor/delivery stories with you lately!!!! I am praying for you daily! You are precious and God has His hand on you and little man!

3QTGUYS said...

Girl, think happy thoughts!

I will take the 5th with Cyndi, but I am a major fan of the c-section, so if you have questions, or just want to hear "good outcome c-section" stories, give me a yell!!!

Jens Place in Space said...

Having 5 c-sections myself they arent that bad and if it means a healthy baby boy then its worth it. Good luck!

bethhill said...

Hey Jenney, Glad to see that you are doing well. Looks like you have hit that tired and fed up stage of pregnancy. I've hit it too...don't even get me started about pickles on my "plain" sandwhich. And I still have 10 weeks to go!!! Hey email me at when you get a chance. I have a couple of questions to ask ya about scrappin stuff. Look forward to hearing from you.
beth hill

Tiffany Williams said...

Jenney, I heard you had your baby! Congrats! Sounds like a healthy little boy. I hope all went well and not nearly as bad as you feared. ;)

Disney Scrapper said...

Congratulations Jenney. I can't wait to see baby pics.

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