February 16, 2008

newest find in music

For anyone who listens to country music, you've probably heard of this girl but if you're not a country music fan this girl still deserves a few minutes of your time. She's amazing!!! She's 16 years old and released her first album last year. She also co-wrote or wrote every song on that album. Very impressive!!!

Here's her website:
Taylor Swift

Enjoy! (Warning: Her music starts when you load the website so if you have sleeping kiddos you might want to turn the volume down.)


Lisa said...

Taylor Swift is one of my very favs Jenney - and Cole likes her too - loves watching her videos. We have to play 'Our Song' everyone morning on the way to school!!

Jody said...

Just stopped by and wanted you to know I am getting excited for you as your next baby is almost here. Yay! Best to you and the labor/delivery and adjustments in life thereafter. =)

Anonymous said...

Christen LOVES her!--and I have to admit she's growing on me too! The newest one she has out--"Our Song"--is so great! We sing along to Christen's CD or when it's on the radio every time we hear it!

wendy said...

We are huge Taylor Swift fans here--Kaydee LOVES "Our Song"

So Many Scraps said...

thanks for the site! I like her!

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