July 16, 2007

jumping on the bandwagon

Some of my friends have added this fabulous new feature on their blogs and I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I've added some music over to side if you're interested in listening. =) You have to turn it on yourself because I'm not a huge fan of music just suddenly starting on my computer so I thought I'd set it up this way. Hope you like it!

BTW, I've included some Debbie Gibson for your enjoyment. If you're a child of the 80's these songs should bring back some memories. So many afternoons spent listening to that music..... Yup, I'm a dork! =)


Amy said...

Oh my! I loved Debbie Gibson! :)

Anonymous said...

Tiffany--Debbie Gibson--if you are a dork--I am right there with ya!

How about a little REO Speedwagon, or Rick Springfield...? :-)

Jenney said...

Ha ha...Paulette I think those were before my time. Sorry!

I could throw some New Kids on the Block on there, though! =)

Todd and Amy said...

lol about the New Kids on the Block :) Fun playlist!

Ady said...

thanks for the warm welcome.

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