December 19, 2006

Christmas Pictures

Yesterday was a fun day picture-wise. I picked up Dylan's "professional" pictures from Wal Mart and his pics that were taken when he went to see Santa. The Wal Mart pics were a big disappointment. The girl was late showing up for our appointment and by the time she could get to us, it was getting close to naptime. We were only able to get one pic of Dylan and he's actually sitting in my lap during the picture. We cleverly (is that a word?) hid my shoulder with a black material. Anyway, as you can tell, the Santa visit didn't go over too well for my little munchkin. He was terrified of the big guy in the red suit. Oh well! It's a great photo anyway!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What a shame the photo session didn't work out as got a cute pic out of it though! As for looks a bit like most of our Santa photos!! But like you say, it's a great photo anyway! Merry Christmas and all the very best for the year ahead!

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