November 3, 2006

Quote for the Week

I posted a really cool quote a couple weeks ago so I thought I would continue on with the 'tradition'. This is my favorite quote of all time. I totally explains why I scrapbook and just reminds us to enjoy the simple things.

"Life is not about the moments we breathe, but the moments that take our breath away."

I hope that quote can inspire you today to scrap, enjoy the little things, take more pictures, whatever....


Misty Posey said...

Hey! Nice to meet you as well this past weekend! Taylor said, "Mom, you called her Penny a time or two." I am so sorry, lol, What is it with me and names?? Calling you Penny and Joy, Dawn. hehe Dame Nyslexia I guess, HEHE


Sarah said...

Love this quote Jenny!

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