November 28, 2006

It's been a while....

since I scrapped and blogged. We've been crazy busy here. We've all been sick with colds or stomach bugs (that was Dylan, poor thing!) so it's been interesting. I did finally get to scrap a little yesterday. I haven't finished it yet but I'll try to finish and post it later today.

We are all decorated for Christmas (sort of.) My tree is up and all my little knick knacks are up and sitting around. My mantle, however, isn't done. This is my first Christmas with a mantle to hang stockings from and I have no stocking hangers so that's on the list to buy this week.

I'm finally getting into the holiday mood. It usually takes me a while but for some reason, this year I'm ready! Most of my shopping for Dylan is done but I haven't done anyone else's. Oops! I love shopping for him!! Everyone else is another matter. I can never think of what to buy people so I usually end up getting gift cards. Lazy, I know!!

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I hope yallget better real quick. Being sick is no fun hu? Say...I'm glad you are ready to take in all the Magic. For some reason this year has been the same way for me too! It must be our blog circle of friends!!!! Stay sweet and get better kay? -Karla

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