November 10, 2006

2.5 Years

Wow! Time sure does fly by!!! The pictures on this layout were taken two and a half years ago. Yup, my baby is about to be 2 1/2. Yikes!!! It's so wonderful to look back and see how much he's changed from that innocent little infant to a rambunctious, talkative toddler.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

This is soooo sweet and such a beautiful LO! It is nice to look back on the old times! I look back at some of the pictures of my son and I can not believe he was as chubby as he was. He was born 5lbs 14oz. Skin and bone I tell you and I just never noticed how quickly he gained wieght till I look back on those photos. Sorry for talking your head off! bye!!!

Angela said...

What a cutie pie Jenney.....he looks the same, just more grown up!
Enjoy every minute of him being little.....they grow up too fast!
He's getting at the cutest age....ages 3-5 are absolutely adorable!

Awesome LO! You're so good! DANG!

Misty Posey said... sweet! I like how you stacked the pictures. The papers you choose go very well. Misty

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