August 14, 2006

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!

Tomorrow my baby boy will start preschool! YIKES!! One minute I think I'm ready and the next, not so much. I guess we'll find out tomorrow! We've been talking to him about it for a while to get him excited about it. We went to Open House last week and he met his teachers and saw his room and LOVED IT! Well, yesterday I was explaining to him that he would stay at school while Mommy went to run errands and he didn't care for that. Now, when school is brought up he says "I don't want to" - that's his new favorite saying! Hopefully, he'll have a better attitude about it today cause tomorrow's coming whether we're ready or not! YIKES!

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Jamie said...

Wow! A big day is right! Don't forget that even if the first day is rough, he'll end up loving it. I think the hardest part for me was the night before. I was so worried about ME crying, not dd. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

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