July 13, 2006

Me? Seriously? Really?

About a week ago (last Wed. to be exact) I got a call from my local scrapbook store asking me to be a designer for their store. I was shocked!!!! I couldn't believe it...me? really? I thought it had to be a joke! Designing for a store had been a (secret) goal of mine for a while but I never thought it would actually happen. This just goes to show that you never know what's going to happen in life!

After discussing it with India (one of the shop owners) this past weekend, my first class will be on August 22. I'm so excited!! I will be teaching "Simple Scrapbooking". In theory, the goal will be to teach people how to get pages done quickly and easily - right up my alley!! I hope my "students" will learn a lot more, though. I have soooo many tips and tricks to share and I'm so excited about this opportunity! I hope there is some interest in the class because I'm very excited to teach it! A pic of the layout for the class will be coming soon....

1 comment:

Angela said...

Jenney, I am so proud of you! You'll do fab! Can't wait to take your class!
Yep, you're seriously a "pro" now! Now start submitting and get your LO's in mags! YOU CAN DO IT!

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