July 6, 2006

Lovin this LO

I took this pic a couple months ago and as soon as I snapped the button on my camera I couldn't wait to do the layout. Some pictures are just like that! I LOVE this layout! I love the sentiment behind it and the photo just amazes me. Love it love it. It's of my baby (I use this term loosely since he's over a foot taller than me) brother and my son. They have a special relationship and I SO wanted to capture that. This is the awesome thing about scrapbooking!! It completely freezes moments in time and lets you enjoy them forever - the picture AND the memory! Love it!


Angela said...

Awesome LO Jenn! This is one of those LO's that will always be cherished! They're too cute together!

I think this belongs in glossy!

BTW...did you doodle on that?

scrappyone said...

Love the closeup of their hands!!! So cute. Great shot.

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